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We are a constantly growing team and always looking for new team members.

Get to know some of our colleagues if you want to be part of our team.

Ann-Kathrin | Professional Services

“KMS has a compelling vision to make mobility more sustainable through technology and the best team to achieve it!

Andrea | Manager Finance & Controlling

“KMS is a place where every voice counts equally.”

Franzi | Human Resources

“A team to feel good and grow, where value is placed on individuality and team spirit. Simply, the best colleagues in the world. ;)” 

Mohammad | Senior Developer

"I found it fascinating how much they value peace of mind and the thoughts of individuals, and how open they are to listening to each other's opinions."

Ziynet | Product Owner

“KMS gives us the opportunity to grow professionally and develop innovative solutions together in an environment where ethical values are lived.”

José | Media Design & Marketing

"We want to make KMS attractive, but at the same time simple!"

Tobias | Human resources

"At KMS, I have the opportunity to be the best version of myself every day and have a direct impact on the future of the company."

Christina | Team Lead IT Solutions

„Klug ist nicht, wer keine Fehler macht, klug ist der, der es versteht, sie zu korrigieren.“

Laura | Product Owner

"Every day at KMS is an opportunity to make a positive contribution through innovative mobility solutions and to be part of a team that strives for excellence."

Marvin | Salesforce Solution Architect / Developer

"KMS is a company that allows you to grow and provides a safe space to gain experience."

Christian | Software Developer

“KMS: Developing next level mobility solutions for everyone.“

Heiko | Customer Success Executive

„KMS – ein Wohlfühl-Arbeitgeber für beste Ergebnisse.“

Andoni | Senior Developer

“KMS: Daily challenges in a healthy environment.”

Florian | Senior Developer

"Even after 18 years, it doesn't get boring at KMS."

Ardalan | Senior Developer

"Like everywhere, KMS is not perfect, but you can feel the eagerness to improve every day and that is priceless."

Andi | Senior Front-end Developer

"I feel good about being able to develop my best skills here at KMS."

Fernando | Senior Developer

"Feels great to be part of this multicultural inclusive family, where we work together to provide sustainable mobility."

Valentina | Customer Success Executive

"Seeing the impact my work has on a daily basis motivates me more than anything!"

Nicola | Chief Customer Officer

"KMS is a place of emotions and diversity"

Paul | Accounting Support

"KMS 'keeps mobility simple' is more than one perspective"

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