Car sharing & contactless rental

Share2Rent is a car sharing app with which customers can register and then carry out the entire rental process for a vehicle pool assigned to them, including opening, locking and starting the vehicle using a digital key. The entire process is contactless.


  • Customer registration and login
  • Verification of driving licence and credit card
  • Booking with availability check
  • Opening and closing via app
  • Automatic billing
  • Feedback function tenant

Automatic rental via app

Today, rental is completely digital, contactless and automatic - from registration, booking and checkout to checkin and billing. Customers get access to mobility "on demand" when and where they need it. Rental companies need secure and transparent processes and insight into the current situation of the fleet at all times. Our integrated share2rent app and rentoffice offer exactly that.

KMS Carsharing und kontaktlose Vermietung - Mobilphone

5 reasons to start car sharing

  1.  Become digital as a car rental company or dealer and offer vehicles 24hrs 100% contactless.
  2. New offers to cover mobility demand in an efficient way.
  3. Create new business models such as test drives, corporate fleets, etc.
  4. Offer local alternatives to the big car sharing companies.
  5. Protect your business from new entrants.

Top Benefits of the Share2Rent app

  1.  Ready-to-use, intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android for your customers.
  2. Integrated into rentoffice cloud backend for all related processes.
  3. All required services such as payment, verification, on-board unit integrated.
  4. Flexible configurations regarding rates, booking conditions from rentoffice cloud.

Share2Rent is an all-in-one solution that is immediately available to customers. Alternatively, it is possible to have an individual app created by KMS on the basis of the Share2Rent white label platform.


Rentoffice is the backend to which the Share2Rent app is connected. All processes and configurations can be transparently viewed and edited here. The car sharing fleet, customers, tariffs and contracts are seamlessly integrated.


  • Configuration of vehicles, tariffs, default settings of the app
  • Overview of workload and disposition
  • Current vehicle data overview including position
  • Verification, approval verification and payment option of the customer
  • Access to all contracts and invoices

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