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Where are you from?

I was born & grew up in NRW. I have been living and working in Berlin since 2012. My family is originally from Syria, so I grew up bilingual & take the best of both cultures with me.

Why (what was your motivation) to apply/start at KMS?

At KMS, no one is seen only as a "resource", but as a human being. We place a lot of emphasis on this in our daily work together. In addition to the many freedoms we enjoy, we are always encouraged to make our own decisions. This not only increases motivation but also the learning curve.

What precisely do you do at KMS?

I work as a Team Lead in the Mobility team & am responsible for capacities, budget & team organization. We support and develop various applications (internal & external).

What are you excited about at KMS?

At KMS, everyone can proactively contribute their ideas. If you want to, you can move things quite quickly without having to go through complicated channels. And even if ideas turn out to be bad, it is not a problem, but is recorded as "learning".

What surprised you the most about KMS?

Many companies advertise team cohesion, development & responsibility. It was nice (and new) for me to see that it is lived at KMS. There are many opportunities to develop and contribute.

„Klug ist nicht, wer keine Fehler macht, klug ist der, der es versteht, sie zu korrigieren.“

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