Andrea | Manager Finance & Controlling

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in a smaller city near Nuremberg, Germany.

Why (what was your motivation) to apply/start at KMS?

I am excited about the prospect of being part of a company with high growth potential. Before joining KMS, I served as the responsible business partner for a sister company. During that time, I enhanced some of KMS's financial processes. Now, I have the opportunity to oversee the entire finance department, optimize existing processes, and define new scalable processes to ensure their growth.

What precisely do you do at KMS?

In my role, I am responsible for finance and controlling. My passion lies in enabling my colleagues to make the best decisions, including from an economic perspective. It is essential for me to ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial background, understands the information presented in financial reports.

What are you excited about at KMS?

KMS provides us with the opportunity to explore other areas within the company beyond our current focus and encourages us to grow beyond ourselves.

What surprised you the most about KMS?

While many companies advertise equal treatment, KMS embodies this principle every second. I truly enjoy working in a team that remains cohesive.

“KMS is a place where every voice counts equally.”

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