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KMS Mobility Solutions

We offer innovative solutions for all mobility service providers. Our customers include classic car rental firms, dealerships and car sharing providers as well as major corporations offering fleet management and mobility solutions for their employees.

Our comprehensive cloud solutions include many flexible components and interfaces such as online booking, payment services, and telematics. Our solutions allow you to manage your station-based or automated rental business, including subscription and long-term models as well as corporate car sharing.

Rental Service

kms rentoffice, your industry solution for rental services and car sharing for more than 20 years, is designed for all vehicles and fleet sizes. The complete package supports all processes such as online booking, payment and invoicing. kms rentoffice offers easy and straightforward ways to get you started in the cloud.

Car sharing & contactless rental

Customers today expect purely digital and contactless mobility "on-demand", i.e. from registration, booking and use to return, a process they control themselves when and where they need mobility. Enabling this requires some technology know-how and requires intuitive apps and scalable backends. With Share2Rent, KMS enables its customers to offer new mobility concepts easily and "out of the box".

Individual Mobility Solutions

The kms platform provides extensive business services and interfaces for your individual mobility solutions. Your team of developers uses our REST API to integrate our standardized web services such as availabilities, rate calculations, and invoicing. Relevant third-party services such as Schwacke, Schufa, Stripe, DATEV, Lexware and telematics can be easily integrated as well.

Fleet Management & Corporate Mobility

kms fleetoffice allows you to manage your vehicle fleet efficiently and implement modern mobility concepts in your company, from long-term contracts to corporate car sharing. Intelligent claims management ensures transparency and cost efficiency.

Customer Examples

Our great customers keep pushing the limits of the status quo and implementing new options with us. In a dynamic sector, we never cease to look for new and innovative solutions, facing the challenges of the future together with our clients.

Volvo setzt seit vielen Jahren innovative Mobilitätskonzepte im Bereich Carsharing, Rent und Abo auf Basis von KMS Technologien um. Die Konzepte umfassen schlüssellose Probefahrten per App sowie eine zentrale Plattform für Online-Booking und Vermietung für das Händlernetzwerk.

B+B Autovermietung, one of the largest car rental companies and multi-brand car dealerships in North Rhine-Westphalia, has been relying on kms rentoffice for may years. They use the modules for cross-location rentals, replacement business in case of damage, and automotive sales.

The Athlon Rental Germany GmbH uses for over 15 years kms rentoffice  for B2B long-term rental to realize intelligent concepts for your customer.

In their Transparent Factory (“Gläserne Manufaktur”)/ Center of Future Mobility, Volkswagen develops and presents new mobility solutions, from autonomous driving and electromobility to manufacturing processes They have been successfully using kms rentoffice for the scheduling and management of test drives for many years.

The Rostek Automotive GmbH has been renting out vans in the B2B2C model across all industries for more than 9 years. For the smooth rental process comes KMS Rentoffice Cloud and for master data management KMS Rentoffice Classic .

Die Autovermietung Neptun bietet unseren Interessenten neuwertige Fahrzeuge mit geringem Kilometerstand und hochwertiger Ausstattung zu günstigen Preisen an. Unser Angebot richtet sich ausschließlich an Geschäftskunden. Für Firmenkunden bieten wir attraktive Sonderkonditionen an. Zu unserem umfangreichen Service gehört u.a. auch unser 24h Notdienst und eine eigene Werkstatt, in der wir alle Schäden schnell und zuverlässig beheben können.