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Promote sustainable mobility through technology.


We believe that personalized mobility is here to stay, and we are working to ensure that our solutions accelerate the move towards sustainable solutions by addressing the interests of the entire mobility ecosystem - mobility providers, mobility users, partners, communities, and the environment.


With our solutions, we focus on medium-sized and large customers in the mobility market, such as OEMs, NSCs, retail groups and rental companies.

Our foundation is small and medium-sized rental companies. Over the years, however, we have increasingly expanded our solutions to meet the requirements of larger mobility partners and offer scalable solutions.

Keep Mobility Simple - We enable our customers to offer all types of customized mobility services

We focus on the entire mobility value chain for our customers to offer them a comprehensive mobility solution for all types of mobility.

To fulfil our strategy, we need scalable and secure software solutions that make our customers' lives easier.

Our long-standing industry experience, together with a highly qualified development team, enables us to develop and operate scalable and secure cloud solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Growing as a team - We want to continue to grow as a team to achieve great results.

Our employees are the core of our company! To achieve our ambitious goals, we need highly motivated and excellently trained employees who enjoy working on our mission and vision every day.



1989, the company KMS Computer und Software was founded by Mr. Michael Schönefeld as a partnership based in Berlin. With the development of industry software for the rapidly growing car hire sector, the company breaks new ground. The driving force behind the development is to streamline processes and process information in a customer-specific manner.

Initially developed together with a reference customer, the Autorent 2000 product quickly evolved into a successful industry solution. The DOS solution already covers all essential rental functions, and customers include car rental companies from all over Germany.

In 1998, the system is further developed into a Windows system and RentOffice is born. The Berlin-based company Robben & Wientjes becomes the first reference customer. The software consists of a basic version and several additional modules customized to the respective customer requirements. This makes it possible to enlarge the customer base to include car dealerships, company fleets, leasing providers as well as long-term and specialized rental companies (e.g. construction vehicles, trucks).



In 2001, after the successful market launch of RentOffice Classic, the company is renamed KMS.de Software Entwicklung GmbH. The customer base is now made up of a wide variety of companies, fleets, and the number of stations of our customers. KMS introduces cloud operation using a Microsoft terminal server, all stations work on a database in real-time, and the only equipment required in the stations is a PC with Internet access.

2003 - the next innovative step is taken with the switch to Application Service Providing (ASP) - and thus the utilization of the complete solution via the Internet. This results in many advantages for customers, as the entire operation runs via a central computer centre and secure servers. Updates, improvements, and customizations can be imported automatically.

In 2005 will RentOffice Booking be rolled out as a white-label solution for integrated online reservations including availability check and customer centre, is introduced.

In 2015, RentOffice Cloud was launched as a complete Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. This was initially created as a supplement to the classic version to make it easier to connect stations and service employees. Many customers now use the cloud solution instead.

2017 - the KMS-Platform will be opened via REST API, allowing services from the platform's extensive business logic to be used flexibly for new use cases, for example for car-sharing apps or online reservations.


In 2020, the company is renamed KMS Mobility Solutions GmbH under new management. After years of successful business leadership, Michael Schönefeld hands over the management in younger hands. Stephan Siehl, an experienced software manager, takes over the management of the company and ensures the comprehensive renewal of solutions for customers with an expanded team and new technologies.

2021 witnesses the market launch of the completely newly developed FleetInspector app for digital vehicle handover and claims management. The white label Share2Rent app will also be introduced.

In 2022, the first completely redesigned Abo-OS solution for B2B Subscription was rolled out and introduced to the market together with a large leasing company as a pilot customer. Since then, the solution has been consistently developed and expanded to include the B2C feature.

In 2023, our already rapidly growing team will be expanded to include the internal IT department of a long-standing partner, including a Salesforce team; by the end of 2023, the team will have grown to 45 employees.

2024 brings the launch of Rent-OS, the completely redesigned SAAS rental solution for several national sales organizations in Europe. Rent-OS will replace RentOffice in the medium term and lift all customers onto a modern technology platform.

Also in 2024, a combined solution will be launched under the One-OS brand, which will include both Rent and Subscription in one integrated system.


With our 30 years of experience, our customers benefit from in-depth industry knowledge and technological expertise at the highest level. Our customers are at the centre of our services. One team provides support to a large customer base of different sizes and industries. Our personalized and uncomplicated support solves any questions quickly and efficiently.



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