About us

Unsere Vision

Wir ermöglichen nachhaltige Mobilität für die Zukunft um den CO2-Abdruck zu reduzieren

Unsere mission

Wir bieten heute integrierte und einfach zu bedienende Softwarelösungen für die Mobilitätsanforderungen von morgen.

First steps in car rental services

The company KMS Computer und Software was founded in 1989 by Michael Schönefeld as a private company with headquarters in Berlin. The development of an industry software for the rapidly growing vehicle rental sector meant venturing into uncharted territory. The development was driven by the concept of streamlining processes and processing information in customer-specific ways.

Initially, the Autorent software was developed together with a reference customer, and then expanded into a successful industry solution. The DOS solution already covered all essential functions involved in rental services. Customers included car rental agencies from all over Germany.

In 1998, the product evolved further into a Windows system, and kms rentoffice was born. The first reference customer was the Berlin-based company Robben & Wientjes. The software consists of a basic version and numerous additional modules which address the needs of individual clients. This way, the range of customers was expanded to include car dealerships, corporate vehicle fleets, leasing providers, and long-term and specialized rental agencies (construction machinery, trucks, etc.).

New technologies for all mobility service providers

Following the successful market launch of kms rentoffice, the company was rebranded in 2001 to KMS.de SoftwareEntwicklung GmbH. By that time, they were catering to many different company, fleet, and station sizes. KMS introduced Microsoft terminal servers. All stations were working on one database in real time; in terms of equipment, they needed no more than a PC with Internet access. The next innovation step was taken in 2003 with the transition to Application Service Providing (ASP) – which meant using the complete solution via the Internet. This resulted in many advantages for our customers, with the entire operation running via a central data processing center and secure servers. Any updates, improvements and adaptations could be installed automatically from this point.

In 2005, a white label solution was offered for integrated online reservations including availability checks and a customer center. 

In 2015, kms rentoffice was released as a complete Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. At first, it was designed as an extension to the classic version in order to simplify the integration of stations and service staff. Presently, many customers are using the cloud solution as a standalone.

In 2017, the kms platform was opened through REST API, allowing customers to use and expand the comprehensive business logic of the platform for their own solutions, including car sharing apps or online booking, for example.

A strong team for our customers

Mit unserer 20jährigen Erfahrung profitieren unsere Kunden von fundierten Branchenkenntnissen und technologischer Kompetenz auf höchstem Niveau. Im Mittelpunkt unserer Leistungen stehen unsere Kunden. Ein Team aus erfahrenen Projektmanagern und Programmierern betreut eine Vielzahl von Kunden verschiedener Größen und Branchen. Unser individueller und unkomplizierter Support löst auftretende Fragen schnell und effizient.

There was another rebranding in 2020 when the company, now KMS Mobility Solutions GmbH, further enlarged the developer team under new management. After many years as a successful entrepreneur, Michael Schönefeld has passed on his leadership position to the next generation. Stephan Siehl, a successful software manager with an ambitious outlook, will now oversee the continuous further development of our technologies.



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