Tobias | Human resources

Where are you from?

I grew up in a town in the northern suburbs of Berlin and always had a connection to Berlin because of its easy accessibility. As a teenager, I had many friends here with whom I met regularly. It was therefore clear to me early on that I wanted to live and work in Berlin. And I've been doing that for many years now.

Why (what was your motivation) to apply/start at KMS?

All in all, it was a very positive coincidence. My first contact with KMS was through the husband of a former colleague in my previous job. Unfortunately, jobs were cut at this employer, but a little later the opportunity arose to start working at KMS. Thus, I joined through my network. The two biggest factors in starting here were the flexibility you get. For me, it is important to be able to organize my working place and my working hours as freely as possible, and that is exactly the case here.

What precisely do you do at KMS?

I am in charge of all aspects of applicant management: from job postings to interviews to the hiring of new talent. It is particularly important to me that candidates feel comfortable at all times and that the processes are as uncomplicated as possible. I also work together with my colleagues in the People & Culture Team to further develop our atmosphere and make it even more diverse. Because KMS is a company that celebrates and enables different lifestyles.

What are you excited about at KMS?

The very modern corporate culture, which makes self-determined working possible, still excites me. I also like the openness to all topics in the field of diversity, equal treatment and inclusion, as well as the general freedom and development opportunities that everyone has here.

What surprised you the most about KMS?

When people talk about a family and friendly working environment, it often sounds very trite. At KMS, however, this is actually reality! Here you meet many people who have worked together for years at different companies, know each other privately and share circles of friends or are family in the truest sense. I think that's very positive and shows that there's a great team spirit.

"At KMS, I have the opportunity to be the best version of myself every day and have a direct impact on the future of the company."

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