José | Media Design & Marketing

Where are you from?

I arrived in Germany at the beginning of 2022, looking for new experiences and opportunities. I come from Mendoza, Argentina.

Why (what was your motivation) to apply/start at KMS?

I came to Germany to visit my brother who lives here, and he told me about a vacancy at KMS which fit with my profile. So, after some research about the company I was interested in joining the company and applied for the job.

What precisely do you do at KMS?

In KMS I collaborate in Marketing and Media design, where we seek to generate a clear and solid brand identity, communication, and a clean design; and on the other hand, I support some of the projects carried out by KMS.

What are you excited about at KMS?

I'm excited to see how, as time goes by, the projects take shape and become concrete, which is the most important thing. And the challenge of what is coming is also motivating.

What surprised you the most about KMS?

The facilities really surprised me, the workspace has everything, and if you are missing something it is provided.

"We want to make KMS attractive, but at the same time simple!"

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