Operating System for Shared Mobility Solutions

All-in-one solution for tomorrow's sustainable mobility

Comprehensive Operating System for Mobility Services

Comprehensive Operating System for Mobility Services

All-in-One Solution for Unified and Sustainable Mobility Management

The mobility sector is transforming and requires new integrated solutions for mobility service providers to remain competitive. One-OS combines the functions of Rent-OS and Abo-OS, which means both forms of mobility can be offered in a modern customer front end. The back office with its centralized customer and vehicle pool ensures a smooth and efficient operation.

One-OS is compatible with different business models and is flexibly scalable and provides an integrated solution that brings customers to the forefront of the industry. One-OS expands its offerings based on market trends, as well as optimizes the management and delivery of Shared Mobility Services to improve accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability.

As car subscriptions gain greater acceptance as an entry point to electric vehicles, One-OS provides mobility providers with a new revenue stream, in addition to traditional car purchase and leasing models.

One-OS helps customers adapt to change, meet growing demand and lead in a greener, more connected future. One-OS is a perfect fit for delivering shared services and continually evolves with market and customer needs.

One-OS – essential Facts

One-OS as an integrated white-label mobility platform designed to simplify the Shared Mobility Services in today's dynamic industry. By combining the functions of Rent and Abo, One-OS enables partners and customers to provide mobility services by delivering vehicles from a single fleet across subscription and rental channels simultaneously.

We aim to create an ecosystem of software solutions that enhance mobility and improve user experiences, operational optimization, and connectivity. One-OS simplifies the management of Rent and Abo's online shops within a single, intuitive interface.

One-OS enables sustainable and energy-efficient mobility solutions for mobility providers, rental companies, and corporate fleets, setting a new industry standard. Integrating various shared mobility services ensures a smooth user experience for both customers and end-users. One-OS stands out by allowing both Abo and Rental services to be managed within a unified system based on a single fleet.

Fragmented systems hinder the transformation of the mobility provider

Challenges of transformation:

Dealerships must adapt as current trends towards on-demand digital mobility solutions are distancing themselves from the traditional vehicle ownership. However, fragmented systems hinder shared mobility management as these are not flexible enough, inhibiting the transformation.

Solving Key Challenges for Tomorrow's Mobility

Reduce software mixture: One-OS offers an all-in-one solution with a wide range of integrations that eliminates the need for multiple software products from different providers.

Operational efficiency:: Reduces the administrative and logistical complexity of managing multiple mobility services concurrently on different systems.

User experience: Provides a smooth booking experience for end-users across different mobility options and an easy-to-use back office.

Flexible Vehicle Allocation:: Allows vehicles to be assigned to different booking routes (Rental & Subscription) based on demand, maximizing usage, and preventing non-productive time.

Solving Key Challenges for Tomorrow's Mobility

Shared Mobility Functions

One-OS is an innovation in Shared Mobility Services Management by offering a scalable, streamlined and user-friendly platform that supports sustainable transport solutions.


One-OS manages large fleets and stations, supporting both centralized and decentralized structures. This flexibility enables sales organizations to efficiently integrate local stations.


Combines back office and online booking on a single platform, improving performance and distributing a fleet across multiple mobility services.

Market competitiveness:

Provides advanced technology and analytics for a detailed understanding of the business and fast market adaptation.

Global Reach

One-OS is available in different languages and has already been introduced in various countries to address and serve customers from these countries with multilingual support.

Are you interested in One-OS?

One-OS  |  FAQ


One-OS is an integrated white-label mobility platform that streamlines managing shared mobility services by combining the features of Rent-OS and Abo-OS into one unified, intuitive interface.


One-OS reduces administrative and logistical complexities by offering an all-in-one solution, simplifying operations, and enhancing efficiency for both end-users and back-office administrators.


Yes, One-OS is highly scalable, managing large fleets and stations with both centralized and decentralized structures to meet local and national market needs.


One-OS enables the allocation of vehicles to different booking routes (rental and subscription) based on demand to maximize usage and avoid periods of inactivity.


One-OS provides advanced technology and analytics for quick market adaptation, ensuring efficient and sustainable mobility solutions.



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