Marvin | Salesforce Solution Architect / Developer

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Berlin (Spandau) and have lived here ever since - I'm pretty much a local.

Why (what was your motivation) to apply/start at KMS?

I saw the opportunity to build something new and design things to be scalable and provide a good technical solution.

What precisely do you do at KMS?

Mainly I'm a Salesforce Solution Architect, but I also do a lot of other things, like managing my small team and helping to move the organization forward as a whole.

What are you excited about at KMS?

It is an environment built on trust. I can try things, fail, and learn from it. And I can be myself in a safe and positive environment.

What surprised you the most about KMS?

The diversity of the team and all the different opinions that come out of it. Being able to discuss the best solution helps build good things.

"KMS is a company that allows you to grow and provides a safe space to gain experience."

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