Our customers include classic car rental firms, dealerships and car sharing providers, as well as major corporations with leasing options and fleet management. 

In their Transparent Factory (“Gläserne Manufaktur”)/ Center of Future Mobility, Volkswagen develops and presents new mobility solutions, from autonomous driving and electromobility to manufacturing processes They have been successfully using kms rentoffice for the scheduling and management of test drives for many years.

Die Athlon Rental Germany GmbH nutzt seit über 15 Jahren kms rentoffice  für die B2B Langzeitvermietung, um intelligente Konzepte für Ihre Kunde zu realisieren. 

Oerlikon nutzt kms fleetoffice, um seine Mitarbeiter mit modernen Mobilitätsdienstleistungen zu versorgen. 

B+B Autovermietung, one of the largest car rental companies and multi-brand car dealerships in North Rhine-Westphalia, has been relying on kms rentoffice for may years. They use the modules for cross-location rentals, replacement business in case of damage, and automotive sales.

In 2017, Autohaus König began renting out their replacement vehicles in case of damage via the kms rentoffice cloud. When a garage appointment is made via the dealership’s website, a replacement is reserved directly in the same process. Today, the dealer also uses kms rentoffice, including online reservations, for renting out passenger cars and transporters.

Bike Travel Service rents out exclusive BMW motorcycles, mostly to international tour groups, using the kms rentoffice cloud.

The Austrian car dealership Birngruber offers app-based station-to-station car sharing. The connection is made via the kms platform and the background administration is handled via kms rentoffice.

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