Managing your vehicle fleet with ease

kms fleetoffice is the Software as a Service (SAAS) solution for fleet and claims management. It allows you to implement innovative mobility concepts in your company and manage your vehicle fleet efficiently. Intelligent car pooling optimizes the vehicle stock, and thus your costs, while increasing the availability for your employees and clients.

  • Simple access to car pools through intelligent scheduling
  • Access through an app or central key management
  • Settlement by cost center, invoice, or online payment

Effizenz steigern durch digitale Fahrzeugübergabe

Fleetinspector  bietet die Möglichkeit an, der gesamte Check-Out und Check-In  Prozess zu digitalisieren. Dafür finden sämtliche Abläufe mit dem KMS FleetIspector  mobil via Tablet direkt am Fahrzeug statt. 

  • Mobiles Fahrzeugübergabe via Tablet.
  • Sämtliche Dokumentation der Fahrzeugübergabe und Rückgabe. 
  • Schadenerfassung via Fotodokumentation. 
  • Kostentransparenz durch mobiles Schadenmanagement.
fleetoffice by KMS Solutions

kms fleetoffice allows you to manage your vehicle fleet efficiently and implement modern mobility concepts in your company, from long-term contracts to corporate car sharing. Intelligent claims management ensures transparency and cost efficiency.

Vehicle lifecycle

Control all vehicle-
related processes efficiently.


  • Comprehensive vehicle file
  • Efficient commissioning and decommissioning of vehicles
  • Telematics integration (vehicle data, location, access)*
  • (Mobile) claims management
  • Integrated analyses allowing optimization of the vehicle fleet
  • Incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Maintenance management
  • Event management

Mobility services

Facilitate tailor-made mobility concepts for your customers.


  • Comprehensive customer and personnel management
  • Contracts, processes, events
  • Graphical scheduling with automated load optimization
  • Vehicle pool reservations
  • Automated availability check
  • Infractions


Preconfigured interfaces enable integration and speed up processes.


  • Online payment (Stripe)
  • Car sharing / telematics
  • Online marketplaces (
  • Schwacke*
  • Schufa*
  • Bürgel*
  • FA data transfer (DATEV, Lexware, Addison)

* available on the roadmap or as a project solution