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Tip of the week #7: Accident replacement

Even accident compensation is covered by our Rentoffice Classic solution. Our Accident Replacement Module is used both for the administration of accidents as well as for billing in the accident replacement business.

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Tip of the week #6: Fleetinspector

In our last tip of the week we explained the basics of our damage management tool for rentoffice classic. An optimal documentation of the vehicle condition is extremely important and for that reason we give our best to make this process

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Tip of the week #4: Creating online special offers

In out last tip of the week, we could know more about discounts and surcharges for the online reservation tool. The procedure to create an special offer is in many aspects similar. With the offers/advertisement setting under Parameters > properties > Online reservation you can create special campaigns and offers

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Tip of the week #2: Commissions

Our commission module enables to generate and settle commissions quickly. With the activation of the module you will get the possibility to generate commissions for invoices of a transaction manually or automatically, to define commission recipients, as well as suitable reports for the commission overview, settlement, etc.

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Satisfaction survey results

We would like to thank all those who took part in our survey. Your feedback is crucial for the further development of our solutions and support and helps us to improve continuously. Together we are shaping the mobility of the future. Therefore, here are some of the results we would like to share with you.

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Tipp der Woche #1: Modul OWI-Tool auf Rentoffice Classic

The OWI-Tool module enables the simple and quick administration and further processing of administrative infractions directly in Rentoffice. With the additional module OWI-Tool you can handle the correspondence with the public order office and generate invoices for processing fees at the same time.

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Summer breeze: new layout for Rentoffice Cloud and update break

With our new release, we are happy to present you a first impression of our new layout, which we will further develop, step by step in the future. The aim is to make the handling more intuitive, to concentrate the information on the screen on the essential and to make the training in the solution as easy as possible. 

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Rentoffice cloud update version 2.6.

Our current 2.6. release for kms rentoffice contains following enhancements: -New features for editing price lists. -Editing timetables -New window with template selection for new positions -Consideration of customer discount in the price calculation Internal notes

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Digital vehicle handover with KMS FleetInspector

The handover and return of a vehicle are among the critical processes in the everyday life of mobility service providers and car rental companies.  The condition of the vehicle has to be inspected and damages have to be assigned according to the cause of the damage, usually under great time pressure. 

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How KMS continues there for customers despite corona

The corona crisis has recently shaken our daily lives and has also the mobility industry was has been hit hard. Contact was cut off. Traffic between cities or regions is still limited. Accordingly, our transport habits had to be fundamentally changed to slow down the spread of the virus. 

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Interview with Michael and Stephan

The year 2020 brings many positive changes for KMS. The founder and long-standing managing director Michael Schönefeld is placing the management in younger hands after successful entrepreneurial activity. With Stephan Siehl, an experienced software manager with far-reaching ambitions takes the helm. We asked them both about their experiences and thoughts for the future.

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Customer letter 2020

I wish you and your family a good start into the new decade. The turn of the year often brings changes with it, what has been achieved is considered and new plans for the future are drawn up - as is the case with KMS. Since 01.01.2020 I have been able to succeed Mr. Schönefeld

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