Rent-OS Lösung für den europäischen Automobilhandel

We at KMS Mobility Solutions are pleased to report on our recent success with the launch of our new mobility solution Rent-OS . This completely newly developed solution was successfully delivered to large distribution networks (NSCs) of renowned luxury car manufacturers in various European countries in the first quarter of 2024. The solution helps companies succeed in today's rapidly evolving mobility landscape through consistent digitalization and comprehensive customer experience. Learn more about the background of the project, the challenges, and the exceptional skills of our dedicated team.

Project background:

The parallel migration of legacy systems to the new Rent-OS solution from KMS at several national sales organizations in five European countries in a very short space of time presented a major challenge. With 370 stations, 1,000 users, 500,000 customer records, 2,000 vehicles and 3,000 existing contracts to be migrated, the stakes were high. The original project timeframe of 6 months was shortened by 3 months due to uncertainties with the legacy solution from a third-party provider.

In just 10 days, we organized the technical changeover (cut-over) and the launch of 7 online booking routes and back-office systems in 5 different languages. Our project team, consisting of around 8 developers, 2 product owners, 2 project managers and 2 UX designers, demonstrated remarkable agility and resilience throughout the project.

Challenge and solution:

Two years ago, we started with a modernization roadmap, laying the foundation for a completely new version of our existing RentOffice software solution. The journey began with the Abo-OS solution, followed by the integration of rent functions into the back office and the development of a new white-labelled rent booking route. Our goal was to create a scalable solution tailored to large OEMs, NSCs or leasing companies.

However, when one of our partners urgently requested software that would be operational by February 2024 for two European NSCs of well-known luxury brands, our timeline was thrown into disarray. We were forced to rethink our strategy and prioritize features that are critical to an operation of this scale.

Overcoming the challenge:

Our response to this challenge was multi-faceted. Firstly, we reviewed our current situation and roadmap and identified the essential features for delivering the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Working closely with our partners and customers, we reviewed our assumptions and adjusted our roadmap accordingly. High-fidelity mockups presented the planned features and convinced stakeholders of our long-term vision.

Internally, our product team shifted up a gear and intensified cross-departmental collaboration. The developers worked together across teams, product management focused on stakeholder and expectation management, and the product owners coordinated closely with the UX designers to prioritize the backlog efficiently.

Route to success:

The launch and handover were critical as each store was launched one day at a time and the downtime and changeover had to take place in very short periods after normal working hours. Our support team was thoroughly trained and produced comprehensive manuals and training materials for customers. Our partner played a central role in training users in the various European markets.

Despite these challenges, the launch went remarkably smoothly. As with any IT project, there were minor problems, such as occasional missing translations or data import errors, which reflect the complexity of introducing new software, but our team's commitment paid off. The successful implementation in several European countries within a short time is proof of our team's perseverance and expertise.


Considering the tight deadlines and the challenge of multiple rollouts in different European countries with newly developed software, we are very proud of the team and how they achieved this important milestone.


As we look back on this journey, we thank our Team for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts. The launch of Rent-OS is a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize dealership networks. We invite you to join us on this journey. Thank you to all the teams involved for being part of our success story and a moment of rest and relaxation.

Project background:

Integrated national sales organisations
Internal users added
Migrated customer records
Implemented in several languages
Vehicles added
Migrated existing contracts




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