Abo-OS | Operating System for a Sustainable Subscription Provider

Abo – Transformation in the mobility market

The mobile future needs a strong Operating System

The vehicle subscription market is growing rapidly and has become a strong alternative to financing and leasing over time. Flexible offers and a purely digital user experience characterize the offer.

KMS offers the most up-to-date solutions based on our many years of experience in the mobility market. With the Abo-OS Operating System, our customers are also well-positioned for further trends in the future.


Just a few steps to a sustainable Auto subscription!

Abo-OS is a complete solution consisting of a modern white label online shop and a powerful back office. 

A high level of automation and pre-prepared integrations provide your customers with a superior user experience and ensure efficiency in the overall process, from vehicle installation to billing and return.

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Abo-OS Added value

For Corporate and Private customers

High-performance platform for end-users workflows

Abo-OS offers a modern subscription platform customized to the needs of companies and private customers. Our comprehensive solution enables users to manage extensive workflows, regardless of whether they involve thousands of vehicles and drivers or just a single vehicle.

Abo-OS offers the flexibility to tailor offers to specific needs. For corporate customers, company-specific conditions and policies can be easily and individually customized. For private customers, our platform offers user-friendly functions and personalized options to meet individual requirements.

Our solution is designed to optimally fulfil the different needs of all our customers and guarantee an exceptional experience for both companies and private individuals.


For a fast and cost-efficient implementation

Abo-OS offers a comprehensive subscription shop system as a white label, which is tailored to the needs of both corporate and private customers around car subscriptions.

The modern white-label system enables mobility providers to offer the subscription model to their customers without the need to develop their own solutions.

Our customers benefit from an easy-to-integrate shop system which includes the vehicle catalogue, the product details page, the check-out, the customer area and other attractive functionalities.

Allround Solution

Comprehensive Car Subscription solution

With the Allround approach, you can organize data, optimize processes and workflows and automate and scale tasks to run a sustainable economic subscription.

The Abo-OS shop system offers an optimized customer experience, especially for companies and private customers. Relevant integrations such as image and vehicle data* are included in the system.

Save time and effort with a comprehensive overview of all necessary actions, enabling seamless operations and improved communication among all parties involved.

Sustainable solution

For our environment and business

Abo-OS supports our customers in implementing a more sustainable car subscription model.

Fuel consumption and drive types significantly impact your fleet's emissions. Displaying CO2 ratings to end customers is just the beginning. We also offer policies and environmental bonus/malus options to actively reduce your fleet's overall CO2 consumption.

Our customers take the next step and offer their customers the opportunity to become a more sustainable business every day!

Abo-OS the Operating System for sustainable a Car Subscription

Abo-OS is specifically designed for car subscription end users (B2B & B2C). All criteria and parameters can be easily set up so that companies manage and offer thousands of vehicles on a large scale rapidly and efficiently.

Once the digital shop and back office are set up, customers gain access to flexible subscription solutions. Additionally, KMS offers a comprehensive range of integrations and premium services, from logistics to external vehicles. These can be incorporated into the shop services, expanding the existing range of vehicles available.

With Abo-OS, our customers can effortlessly manage all their online bookings in just a few steps. This provides full control over their fleet, enabling them to oversee vehicles, drivers, policies, and documents all in one place.

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