Abo-OS | The operating system for a sustainable B2B subscription

Abo – Transformation in the mobility market

The mobile future needs a strong Operating System

The vehicle subscription market is growing rapidly and has become a strong alternative to financing and leasing over time. Flexible offers and a purely digital user experience characterize the offer.

KMS offers the most up-to-date solutions based on our many years of experience in the mobility market. With the Abo-OS Operating System, our customers are also well-positioned for further trends in the future.


Just a few steps to a sustainable B2B subscription!

Abo-OS is a complete solution consisting of a modern white label online shop and a powerful back office. 

A high level of automation and pre-prepared integrations provide your (corporate) customers with a superior user experience and ensure efficiency in the overall process, from vehicle installation to billing and return.

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Abo-OS Added value

For corporate customers

High-performance platform for B2B workflows

Abo-OS offers a modern subscription platform specifically for your corporate customers. We offer a high-performance solution that enables our B2B customers to meet the needs of even large corporate customers with thousands of vehicles and drivers.

Abo-OS offers the flexibility to adjust your offers to your specific business needs. For example, company-specific conditions and policies can be easily and individually displayed.

Our solution is designed to optimally cover the specific needs of corporate clients.


For a fast and cost-efficient implementation

Abo-OS offers you a comprehensive subscription shop system as a white label which is tailored to the needs of your (corporate) customers around car subscriptions.

The modern white-label system enables mobility providers to offer the subscription model to their customers without having to develop their own solutions.

You get a shop system that is easy to integrate and includes the vehicle catalogue, the product detail page, the checkout, the customer area and other attractive functionalities.

All-In-One Solution

All-round solution for your B2B subscription

With the ALL-IN-ONE approach, you can organize data, optimize processes and workflows, automate and scale tasks to run a sustainable economic subscription.

The Abo-OS shop system offers an improved customer experience, especially for corporate customers. Relevant integrations such as, image and vehicle data* are included in the system.

Save time and effort. Keep track of all necessary tasks, benefit from a seamless service, and improve communication between all parties involved.

Sustainable solution

For our environment and your business

Abo-OS supports you in operating a more sustainable car subscription model. 

Fuel consumption and drive types have a significant influence on the emissions of your fleet. The presentation of CO2 consumption (rating) for the end customer is the first step, but we also offer policies and environmental bonus/malus options to actively reduce the total CO2 consumption of your fleet.

Take the step and offer your customers the opportunity to become a little more sustainable with your fleet every day!

Abo-OS the Operating System for sustainable B2B subscription

Abo-OS is specifically designed for corporate customers. All criteria and variables can be easily set up so that companies can manage and offer thousands of vehicles on a large scale very quickly and efficiently.

Once the digital shop and back office are set up, you can offer your customers flexible subscription solutions. In addition, KMS offers a whole range of integrations and optional services as a premium service, from logistics to external vehicles. These can be added to your shop offering, expanding your existing vehicle offering.

With Abo-OS you can keep track of all your online bookings quickly and easily in just a few steps. You have full control over your fleet by managing all your vehicles, drivers, policies, and documents in one place.

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