FlexAbo | Automatic billing and payment

Billing options with Flexabo

With our latest Rentoffice Cloud release, we have taken another step towards automation and process improvement for our customers.

Automated invoice generation and sending by mail 

Our customers have the option to set automatic billing for FlexAbo processes from the start of the contract. Thereafter, Rentoffice Cloud automatically creates the due monthly invoices daily and sends them to the tenants, if required. 

Automated payment collection

Our customers also have the option of automatically collecting the (credit card) payments due after the invoice has been issued, if this has been configured accordingly and the customer has deposited this at the time of booking.

Both new features provide our customers with significant relief in their daily work with routine tasks, so that they can concentrate more on the content-related support of their tenants again. 


Manual billing:

In addition, there is always the option to manually generate an invoice when necessary, regardless of the date of issue, allowing our customers and their tenants a greater flexibility in their workflows.



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