New Release | "Rent Only" in share2rent app

The latest update of the carsharing app offers the possibility to book classic "rent only“ vehicles in addition to carsharing vehicles with digital keys. This means that in addition to the rentoffice Booking online reservation, customers now also have the option of booking their rental cars via app.




  • Mobility as needed in one app (Share or Rent)
  • Only one-time registration including payment and driver's license validation.
  • All bookings are visible in the app and can be changed/cancelled (if approved) by the customer himself.
  • Better customer loyalty through app and web only offers.



Prerequisite is a subscription to the car sharing feature for rentoffice and the app (Share2Rent or custom app). If this is activated, vehicles can be activated in the rentoffice cloud Backend for the app, including the mode (Carsharing/ Rent Only).


For carsharing vehicles, the installation of our integrated partner solutions (Flinky/Continental) is required.

Rent Only function in the app:


  • In rentoffice cloud, you can configure the vehicles in the overview.


  • On the General tab, you will find a field labelled Digital Key. This field indicates whether the vehicle has a hardware device for unlocking and locking vehicle.


  • The mobile app displays the available vehicles in a specific time range. For vehicles where the "digital key" property is set to "selected", a specific icon is displayed, and the check-out/check-in process requires the customer to interact with the hardware via the app.


  • On the other hand, if the "digital key" is not selected, it is the "rent only" case, where the check-out/check-in is performed manually without considering any specific hardware.


The figure below/left shows when "digital key" is selected and configured for a particular vehicle and when it is not.



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