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Bike & Travel Service has specialized in motorcycle rentals and fleet management of test ride and service replacement motorcycles at BMW in Munich since 2009.

Tour operators sometimes book several bikes long in advance and distribute them only later to members of a travel group. The rental to travel groups, the seasonal utilization and the requirements of customer-specific models demand a high logistical effort, for which the support of rentoffice Cloud has been appreciated for more than 3 years.

"The clear and logical operation of KMS rentoffice Cloud was decisive for us from the beginning, which we still like. With KMS, we can always request and effectively implement important additions or enhancements for us in the motorcycle rental business in productive dialog. For example, in the case of tour groups, the introduction of the function of duplicating rental transactions is an optimized booking and processing process for us."

Bike & Travel Service Owner

Company profile

Our customers come from Germany as well as from all over the world - for many customers the easily accessible Alps and the Dolomites offer an enticing driving and nature experience.

The rental station is located in the BMW Motorrad Center Munich - here an optimal infrastructure with BMW workshop, storage areas, parts supply, etc. is of great advantage to provide high-quality service.

Challenges and results

Our requirements for a software solution are similar, but not identical, to those of the car rental companies, which can only be implemented in the long term with a partner like KMS.

It turns out that we have intersections with RV rentals as well as eBike rentals. That's where seasonal utilization plays a big role, for example.

In addition, unlike in the passenger car sector, it is important to give the customer exactly one specific vehicle model and not just any vehicle from a price category. It doesn't help customers if, for example, they get a motorcycle where they can't get their feet down or there's no comfortable seat for a pillion passengers.

There also rent many tour groups, all of which require a larger number of specific models at the same time. This is often coordinated with us and adapted to the available models in dialogue with the individual drivers.

Diese und weitere Dinge fordern einen hohen logistischen Aufwand, bei dem wir die Unterstützung seit 3 Jahren durch rentoffice Cloud zu schätzen wissen.


Im Laufe der letzten 3 Jahre haben wir viele neue Wünsche an die ursprüngliche PKW-Software gehabt und konnten mit KMS darüber immer ergebnisoffen reden.

Accordingly, a gigantic amount has already happened for us. Of course, not everything can be implemented, as the innovations should always be applicable to all KMS customers and more generally needs to be taken into account in the cloud.

Da ist auf alle Fälle in den 3 Jahren schon viel passiert – man merkt den Drang bei KMS zur Optimierung. Bei kleinen Anpassungen oder Fragen ist KMS nicht nur gut erreichbar, sondern reagiert auch schnell.

The cloud has been stable and reliable with us since the beginning, no crashes or login issues at all - we honestly had concerns about that, but that's not the case at all and gives us a good feeling.



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