KMS Academy | Vehicle pools in Car sharing

What are vehicle pools?

Vehicle pools are defined vehicle groups that are used, among other things, in the area of car sharing for the simple and clear organization of the vehicle fleet.

Why are they so useful?

Vehicle pools allow you to determine which vehicles you want to provide to your customers for specific applications. In addition, it is also possible to use vehicle pools in the classic rental business to offer selected vehicles only to special customers.

How do we use them in rentoffice?

rentoffice offers you numerous options for flexibly designing your fleet and optimally utilizing its capacity. The vehicle pools function in rentoffice Cloud, for example, makes it possible to manage and operate both car sharing and classic rental in a single application. Thanks to the Share2rent car sharing app, which displays the dedicated vehicle pools, the utilization of your fleet is completely automatic and effortless.

Video guide - Vehicle pools in Car sharing

Get more information about the Share2Rent app here ->  Car sharing & contactless rental



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