Sweden Fleet Sylt

Every year in summer you get the opportunity to explore the Sylt island for free up to three hours on board of one of Volvo's Premium models. There are just a few steps required to take part in this carsharing: registration, driving license validation and booking.

  1. Registration: You can sign up for the carsharing directly from the App "Volvo Swedish Fleet Sylt" (insertEFFECT GmbH). After the registration Rentoffice will send an e-mail with the confirmation and a link to continue the process. All the necessary information and drivind license data are summed up in a customer data entry and saved in Rentoffice.
  2. Driving license validation: For the validation of your driving license Rentoffice will send an automatic e-mail with the correspondent link. The validation itself is taken over IdentityTM. Identity card and driving license will be checked via videochat. Another e-mail will inform the customer, whether the registration was successful or has to be repeated.
  3. Booking: After registering successfully you can sign in the app. The location can be selected via "Autosearch". After entering the booking period and desired mode the customer can book a trip. A reservation will be automatically created in rentoffice and the the rental contract will be sent via e-mail. Current, upcoming and past bookings are always visible from the app. A cancellation is possible up to 15 minutes before the start of the booked trip.
  4. Trip: The car can be open and closed without keys via app.

KMS Mobility Software GmbH, based in Berlin, has been providing software for car rental and fleet management for over 25 years. Our product family RentOffice covers the entire range from car sharing to long-term rental. Since 2003, RentOffice is offered from the cloud. In cloud operation RentOffice can be used flexibly from any Windows PC with internet access. The web version of RentOffice is independent of the operating system and can also be used from a cell phone or tablet. RentOffice's API interface allows the rental system with all its functions, including reservation, vehicle delivery and return or fleet management, to be connected to another interface.



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