In-House IT Summit: Event Modeling Open Space

Held in Berlin on June 7th, 2024

Last Friday, June 7th, we had the pleasure of hosting an exciting on-site event at our Kaliwerk offices in Berlin. In collaboration with prooph software, the „Event Modeling Open Space” brought together developers, product managers, and tech enthusiasts to explore into the world of event modeling and innovative system design.

Last year, prooph software sparked our modernization efforts with an Event-Storming training, guiding us toward an event-driven, microservice-based architecture. They provided invaluable support as we learned the method and launched our first Event-Sourced-Service. Throughout this learning and exchange process, we analyzed the various phases we experienced along the way.

This year the summit was a resounding success, featuring inspiring workshops, engaging panel discussions, and valuable networking opportunities. Our KMS developers team colleagues Sara and Mohammad shared their expertise on migrating a .Net legacy system to a scalable, event-driven architecture using the Strangler pattern.

There's nothing better than getting firsthand insights from our colleagues about the "Event Modeling Open Space”. Here are some of their impressions and takeaways:

Sara and Mohammad:

“When we arrived at the office on the event day, it was more crowded than any other day. It was full of motivated techies excited to participate in the event, and we were no exception! The event started with opening speeches by Stephan, Alex, and Adam, and then we went straight to a workshop held by Gabi on communication skills using theatre approaches. The session was fun and constructive, and it helped us to be prepared for our presentation. After the session, we were more confident in our acting skills!

Then our presentation started, during which we touched on a few topics. First, we talked about our monolith architecture and the challenges we faced in our daily work, such as long development times, a bug-prone system, a big fat database, and a lack of common language, to name a few.

Then we explained how we started our ongoing journey of addressing these issues by moving to an event-driven, microservice-based architecture using event storming/modeling. We discussed the different phases we went through, the mistakes we made, and our takeaways.

We continued by presenting our status quo, plans, and goals. During the session, we were challenged by questions and comments on our solution from the audience. We ended the session by putting the event-storming approach into action and asking the audience to model a real-world problem using event-storming.

During the lunch break, we got to know some of the attendees and exchanged thoughts and insights. We spent the afternoon attending more talks and sessions, and the day ended with beer and socializing in our beautiful shared lounge dining room at Kaliwerk!

Reflecting on the „Event Modeling Open Space” event, it's clear that it was a resounding success. The workshops and discussions were not only informative but also inspiring, providing attendees with a wealth of new perspectives and strategies. Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the high quality of the sessions and the valuable opportunity to network with industry peers. The event highlighted the significance of collaborative learning and demonstrated the potential for event modeling to transform software development practices.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event truly meaningful. Special thanks to prooph software for the organization and our KMS team for their dedication in coordinating together the event.

Attendees left with fresh insights, new connections, and a deeper understanding of event modeling's transformative potential. We look forward to hosting more such events in the future, fostering continuous learning and innovation in our IT community.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and made this event truly meaningful!



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