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On International Women's Day, we reaffirm our dedication to fostering an inclusive culture of empowerment at KMS. We stand for gender equality, ensuring that women have equal opportunities at all levels.

By celebrating diversity, we create an environment where everyone can thrive. Together, we're shaping a future where every voice matters. To the incredible contributions of women in our Mobility as a Service landscape!

Happy International Women's Day!

Women's views on working life at KMS

Here are insights from our colleagues on equity and inclusion:

From your perspective, what is the contribution of you as a woman in the role you perform within KMS? (What strengths do you as a person bring to your role?)

“I don’t think being a woman contributes to my roles in any special way. Maybe I have some characteristic traits that women tend to have, but overall gender doesn´t play a role at KMS. Luckily! Nevertheless, I like working in mixed teams because, in my experience, they often shed light on many different perspectives and work in a very solution-oriented way.“

“I bring a diverse perspective that is not only limited to gender but also intergenerational and intercultural. I can empathize and communicate with all my colleagues. This is not only related to gender but also to personal qualities and/or skills. Being part of a diverse team also allows me to bring different points of view to the table, which leads to more innovative solutions and better results for our company.“

“Leading our People & Culture Circle, my customers are our people, and I – like anyone else within the circle – am aiming to make our people happy, so that they love their job! To do so, we need to understand their needs, hopes, and fears. Thus, we need to listen a lot and mustn’t be afraid to be confronted with emotions. Not sure if it is because I am a woman, but I enjoy this element of my role. I am interested in learning about others' perceptions and supporting them in achieving their professional dreams, putting myself in their shoes, and being there to listen when needed.

I am not afraid of emotions, and I am not afraid to share my feelings.”

Please, share a success story where your perspective as a woman made a difference.

“As stated previously, I don’t believe my gender ever played a role in a story being successful, but rather my set of skills as a professional.“

“One success story I am seeking in the medium to long term is that my perspective as a woman could make a difference in certain marketing initiatives, where the female segment of the industry is also considered.

I aim to keep paying attention to women’s preferences and behaviors in technology, which will allow us to tailor messages and visuals in a way that our female audience can relate to.“

We women at KMS

38 | Average age

38 | Average age
1/3 | Women at KMS

1/3 | Women at KMS
41 | Number of employees

41 | Number of employees
46% Women in management positions

46% Women in management positions
11 | Nationalities

11 | Nationalities
40 | Full-time equivalent

40 | Full-time equivalent
2.4 Years of service at KMS

2.4 Years of service at KMS
Can women in leadership roles contribute to personal and professional growth?

“I strongly believe that gender should play no role in career advancement, growth, or leadership and I prefer to focus on the abilities of the individual leader.“

“Women in leadership positions can contribute to the personal and professional growth of the entire workforce regardless of gender but bring another perspective. They inspire other women to pursue their ambitions and aspire to leadership positions themselves.

In addition, diverse leadership, regardless of gender, brings a variety of insights to decision-making processes, leading to more innovative solutions and better outcomes for the organization as a whole.“

“Why not? Women can do anything, men can. Of course, we could question if personal and professional growth is not to be influenced by others and I am convinced all of us can report a role model who influenced us. In my case, I met great women who encouraged and influenced me in my personal and professional growth, and I have in mind some men still clumsy phrasing though who did the same. ;)“

How have/could you encourage/ed yourself or others to overcome gender-related challenges at work?

“I was just reminding everyone, including myself and not only my female colleagues, that there is still a gender gap when it comes to pay, housework, etc.”

“Supporting each other. I have observed that men used to support/ mentor/ push each other, and I try to do something similar with talented women I meet. In my role as Head of HR, I make an effort to raise awareness for important topics like equal pay, women in leadership roles, etc.“

“To overcome gender-related challenges at work, I have always encouraged myself and others to speak up and advocate for equality and inclusion. I believe that promoting a culture of respect and support at work is essential to actively challenging stereotypes and standing up for diversity at about every opportunity.

Some of the initiatives that come to mind are mentorship programs, networking events, and training sessions focused on gender equality, all of which are effective in empowering women and fostering a more inclusive work environment.“

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Any ideas for specific initiatives or programs to promote gender diversity and empowerment within our KMS organization?

“As stated before, I believe that it is more productive to focus on the skills and abilities of the single individual, regardless of their gender, belief, or ethnic background. While working, I see a colleague and a professional, not a man or a woman.“

“In terms of specific initiatives or programs to promote gender diversity and empowerment within KMS, I would suggest setting up mentoring programs that match junior female employees with senior leaders in the company. Furthermore, regular workshops or seminars on topics such as negotiation skills, leadership development, and work-life balance can help women gain confidence and advance in their careers.

"At KMS we have an affinity group focused on gender issues, where we provide a community for women in the company to connect and share their experiences. Finally, regular diversity and inclusion training for all employees can help raise awareness and foster a culture of respect and equality throughout our organization.“

“We have a great culture of diversity and inclusion at KMS in which minorities feel welcomed, and respected and are allowed to raise their voice. We need to make an effort to maintain this mindset and trust level.

We want to use team days, and fireside chats to raise awareness that diversity matters for us! When I look at our quota of women in leadership positions (actually 46%) I am very proud of our organization and think we are on a good way to achieve parity. ;)“

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