Digital vehicle handover with KMS FleetInspector

The handover and return of a vehicle are among the critical processes in the everyday life of mobility service providers and car rental companies.  The condition of the vehicle has to be carefully checked and damages have to be assigned according to its cause, usually under great time pressure. Like many other routine procedures, this should be done digitally and systematically documented. Our FleetInspector, offers a completely paperless alternative via tablet for check-out and check-in, which enables mobility service providers to carry out this procedure more efficiently.  

In contrast to the traditional paper-based checklist, the entire check-out and check-in process is digitalized and thus optimized. For this purpose, the whole process with FleetInspector takes place mobilevia tablet direct from the vehicle. Photos of the damages can be recorded directly and assigned to a process.  This ensures optimal control of the damage and makes the process faster and more efficient for employees and customers.  

FleetInspector is clearly designed and very intuitive to use. Would you like to see it? In this video we show you how to work with FleetInspector: 

Advantages at a glance:

More control in damage management

Our tool counts with a completechecklistso that nothing is overlooked and the damage management can be documented in a structured way. In addition, the photographic handover enables the condition of the interior and exterior of each vehicle to be recorded very quickly and in detail without long descriptions. Not repaired, or optionally repaired damages are automatically displayed in the system and do not need to be described again.  

Cause-related proof

One of the main aspects of the digital handover and damage management is of course, the cause-related classification as well as the proofing, with the purpose of further charging up to legal disputes. A structured documentation, including photos and handover protocol with digital signature of customer and employee are the necessary base for it and therefore pay off immediately. 

Time saving

The structured processes and all the preliminary information save time and employees can focus on documenting new claims and conditions.   Thus, the checkout and check-in are faster, which leads to an increasedproductivity of employees, and to a higher customer satisfaction .

Configurable workflow and integration in KMS Rentoffice 

The KMS FleetInspector is completely integrated in the KMS Rentoffice system. All Process- and vehicle data run via Rentoffice and are in KMS Fleetinspector available.  On the other hand, all condition data, damage and photos are transferred directly to KMS Rentoffice and are available for further steps such as accident processing and invoicing. The workflow as well as the contents to be captured can be configured according to customer requirements.


From the photographic vehicle delivery, to the damage management up to digital signing of the handover protocol with FleetInspector everything is digitalized. This of course means no more waste of paper, which benefits our environment. 


  • Integration in Rentoffice Classic and Cloud 
  • Configurable workflow
  • Photographic handover for every check-in and check-out 
  • Damage documentation with pictures
  • Documentation with several images for one damage possible
  • Easy identification of new damages
  • Checklist for vehicle state inside and outside
  • Digital signature
  • Creation and sending of a handover protocol

The new FleetInspector is already available as beta version for selected customers. Please contact us if you also want to change into the digital age of vehicle handover!