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White-Label Car-Subscription Operating System

We turn companies into sustainable subscription providers

Built for B2C and B2B customers::

High-performance platform for every type of end-user process.

Elegant white-label shop system:

Fast and cost-efficient implementation in your own CI.

Modern all-round subscription solution:

End-to-end solution for car subscription providers.

Sustainability included:

For the environment and for business.

A sustainable Car Subscription Provider at the click of a mouse 
Abo-OS contains two elements designed to simplify the entry into the car subscription market.
The most modern subscription shop system for an optimal customer journey.
The solution includes an easily integrated shop system as a white-label solution. The solution contains the vehicle catalogue, the product detail page, the check-out, the customer area and a series of other pages to present the company's range in the best possible and individual way.
High-performance back office for all corporate processes - from offers to vehicle handover.
In addition to the shop solution, we provide a comprehensive back office so that all subscription processes can be managed and monitored completely digitally.
Setting up offers, vehicles, companies*, drivers, fleet managers* and policies* and managing the complete handover and collection process effortlessly.

Abo-OS Added value

Corporate and private customers

Driver-specific rates according to company policy as well as approval and logistics processes. *

Identitäts-, Bonitätprüfung und Online-Payment sind integriert. **


The subscription with your own brand/CI, where IT implementation is cost-effective and set-up is quick.


The shop and the back-office function in harmony, all provided from the cloud and with ready-to-use integrations of other services.


Presentation of CO2 in accordance with legal requirements and definition of CO2 budgets for company car owners can be easily mapped.

* B2B Usecase, ** B2C Usecases

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Our Abo Operating System for you

Intelligent functions, extensions, and optional services enable you to operate your subscription sustainably and efficiently:

With our intelligent functions and services, we have made getting started as easy as possible!

IT-Lösung & Infrastruktur
IT Solution & Infrastructure
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The solution is provided from the cloud and operated via browser.
Integration of third-party vehicles
Integration of third-party vehicles
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Integration of vehicles from our partners to offer a diverse range.
High-quality vehicle images
High-quality vehicle images
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Images representing vehicles with great accuracy and quality.
Mobile Schadenserfassung & Übergabe*
Mobile damage assessment & handover*
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Transfer and documentation via app for real-time overview and security.
Handover of vehicles*
Handover of vehicles*
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Delivery and handover of vehicles by our partners are possible on request.
*Optionale Features / Services

Abo-OS is the right choice for the future.

For more innovation and to increase fleet growth, our customers rely on ABO-OS!

Many years of experience with mobility solutions
Vehicles offered online
Vehicles for rental per month
Users make use of our platform

What our customers and their customers say about Abo-OS:

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Abo-OS – FAQ


Abo-OS is a white Label car subscription platform that lets drivers subscribe to a fleet of vehicles instead of owning or leasing them. It offers a flexible and convenient alternative for businesses to access and manage vehicles per their needs.


Using the ABO-OS car subscription platform offers several advantages. It helps businesses save costs compared to traditional ownership or leasing. It provides flexibility to scale the fleet according to business requirements. The platform simplifies fleet management, enables B2B customers access to a wide range of vehicle options, and reduces administrative overhead.


Abo-OS consists of an easily integrated shop system as a white label solution. The white label solution includes the vehicle catalog, the product detail page, the checkout, the customer area, and many other pages. In addition, the Solution offers a powerful back office to manage the Fleet, the drivers, Policies, and bookings as well as operations processes like pickup and delivery.


Our corporate customers can be perfectly tailored to the needs of their customers. They can offer a wide range of different models – with company-specific pricing. Their clients can choose a vehicle according to their company-specific car policy. Important approval processes including fleet-manager are predefined.

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