KMS-Academy | Tipp der Woche #14: Ereignisse definieren und protokollieren

The module events can be used to log various activities related to vehicles, customers, invoices, events and accidents. For example, when a transaction is recalculated or changes are made to the status of a vehicle. Notes and attachments can also be uploaded to document an event or activity.  

An overview of all possible activities to be logged can be found under Parameters > Properties > Events. Here you can select the desired events, and module, which will be automatically documented.  

Moreover, activities can be documented manually. You can use the manual creation function to store notes and attachments and to create user-defined events. For example, if you want to log the verification of a driver's license, the event can be defined via Parameters > settings > Activities > Rules For this purpose, you should select the module customers and the desired event type (activity, attachment, note, scan or protocol). This will then be available for selection when creating a new event manually.  

In this video we will show you how to define new rules and store events manually.

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