Heiko – Customer Success Executive

Where are you from?

I come from South Brandenburg, studied in Dresden and Cottbus and have lived near Berlin for over 20 years.

Why (what was your motivation) to apply/start at KMS?

I have worked in software companies before. In between, I made forays into other industries. During this time I realized that I feel most comfortable in the software sector. After things didn't go so well in my previous company, I specifically looked for employers in this field.

What specifically are you doing at KMS?

I work as a Customer Success Executive. I enjoy looking after and helping our customers on all channels, solving their problems and channelling their wishes.

What do you find exciting about KMS?

The working culture, the togetherness. I gain new experience in new areas here. My voice is well received.

What has surprised you the most about KMS surprised you?

The openness. If you have questions or problems, you can speak directly to the managing director. The trust in the employees when working from home.

“KMS - a feel-good employer for best results”

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