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Gläserne Manufaktur keeps mobility simple

In Volkswagen's Gläserne Manufaktur, visitors can experience what the mobility of the future will look like. This is where the all-electric ID.3 is manufactured. Rentoffice has been successfully used for the scheduling and management of test drives for many years.

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Rostek keeps mobility simple

Rostek Automotive GmbH has been renting vehicles in B2B2C model for more than 9 years. KMS Rentoffice will support them here the digitalization and realization of smooth rental processes.

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Caradvance keeps mobility simple

Since 2003, Caradvance has been a constant in the automotive industry in the field of industrial vehicle benchmarking and competitive analysis. With solutions from KMS, Caradvance will in future rely on completely digital processes

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We're moving!

KMS Team is growing continuously. This year we could welcome 7 new employees in the areas of development, product and support. Even though we are still a small family, our comfortable office is slowly becoming too small.

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Tip of the week #15: Document management

Our document management module allows storing files about customers, contracts, vehicles and accidents in Rentoffice. This enables our customers to access the stored documents at any time and to edit or export them.

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Tip of the week #13: Configuring the dispo-planner

Via Parameter > Properties > Dispo Planner the settings of the Dispo Planner can be adjusted. Here you can manage the color legends, change the blend configuration and add holidays. Additionally, you can access the global configuration from here. There you can set the following parameters:

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Tip of the week #12: Configuring our online reservation tool

The administration of the online reservation tool can take place from different parts of the program. Via Parameter > Properties > Online reservation, you can not only set up offers and advertisement, but also manage the stations for the online booking define parameters according to the tariff group.

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Tip of the week #11: User groups

Rentoffice has predefined user groups with different rights and views, but also offers the possibility to define user-specific groups for both Rentoffice Classic and Rentoffice Cloud.

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Tip of the week #10. Statistics

In addition to the key figures within the individual modules, our Rentoffice Information System enables you to obtain important information on vehicles, contracts and commissions as statistics and listings.

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Tip of the week #9: Delivery and pick-up

The Delivery/Pickup module allows to create delivery and pickup orders directly from the contracts in Rentoffice Classic. Here you can quickly and easily select pick-up and delivery location and time as well as drivers and mark orders as confirmed or completed. It is also possible to select a date that differs from the start and end of the rental period.

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Telematics and carsharing

Telematics is the basis for automated car rental and car sharing and is essential for the future of the mobility industry. Thanks to its many possibilities and advantages,

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Rentoffice Cloud Release 2.8.

Our Rentoffice Cloud Release 2.8. contains a variety of new functions and interfaces, all around the topic of telematics and car sharing. Based on our many years of project experience in this area, we are now starting to incorporate these into our standard products and thus make them easily accessible to our customers.

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