How KMS continues there for customers despite corona

The corona crisis has recently shaken our daily lives and has also the mobility industry was has been hit hard. Contact was cut off. Traffic between cities or regions is still limited. Accordingly, our transport habits had to be fundamentally changed to slow down the spread of the virus.  

 However, mobility remains a basic need these days. That’s the reason why we keep on and, like many companies, have adapted our working methods. Despite Corona, we want to stay on our customers' side to ensure their business continuity.   

The health of our customers and employees is of course the highest priority at the moment, which is why our team has successfully moved to home office. This has enabled us to continue our services without interruption. Our customer support team keeps also working tirelessly to help you and maintain services, whether by mail, video-call or the classic telephone.

The way to the home office


Although working from home was a big change for us too, we have managed to get used to it and even enjoy it. Now our children, partners and pets are our closest office colleagues, and the lunch break takes place in our own kitchen. And yes, at home there are sometimes unexpected distractions that have nothing to do with the coffee break with the colleague. But that's why we have tried to be creative and find solutions to keep our team connected even in the distance.

For this, we now have daily team check-ins where we can talk openly about our daily work and bring problems to the table at any time. New collaboration tools also help us to keep communication open and fluent and make it easier to work from home. All in all, we are happy to say that home office is working pretty well so far!

And even though the working environment has changed, our commitment to our customers and the quality of our products remains unchanged. Our team continues to grow despite Corona, and we were able to welcome new colleagues for the support and frontend development teams last month. This way we can further increase our resources for the optimization of our services and the development of new projects, which we will present to you very soon.  

Together with our customers we are proud to keep mobility running.

#KeepMobilitySimple and stay healthy!



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