Improved customer support with the KMS-Online Ticket-System

From now on, in addition to telephone and e-mail, it is also possible for our customers to create tickets themselves and then view the status. We invite you to try this out as well. Our technical support will get a first overview of the issue and can assess the complexity. This will help us to assist you in solving your concern even faster and in a targeted manner.

Create new support ticket

Registered users can now create their own support tickets via our customer portal and also track the status of their support tickets.

Click on the highlighted button here:


Enter data in the appropriate fields and select the respective programme under Type.  

If you want to add attachments, you can also do so here, e.g. screenshots or similar.


Now just click on "Senden" and it's done.

View the status of your ticket

If you are logged in, simply click on the highlighted button:


And you can see the status of all your created tickets.


Online-Ticket-System Benefits

The option of self-entering tickets has the following advantages:

Benefit #1: Prioritisation

An online ticketing system has features that help you prioritize properly. It improves the categorization of requests, naturally prioritizing the most urgent and sensitive requests.

Benefit #2: Facilitates efficient communication

For technology-related problems, it is often necessary to involve more than one person to find a solution, e.g. development in addition to support.

An online ticketing system allows the client to be kept informed of the progress of the solution. It also enables clear and transparent communication to maintain a consistent problem-solving flow between all parties, including easy internal messaging.

If desired, the customer can also communicate with us via chat, which results in a faster and more comprehensive understanding of the problem and speeds up the search for the best possible solution.

Benefit #3: Transparency

The organization and efficiency of online ticket management allows you to get a better overview of the development and final resolution of the issue. It reduces the constant worry of keeping everyone involved in the process informed.

Benefit #4: Allows better organisation for both parties

An online ticketing system keeps an organized list of problems and tasks to be solved, prioritized, which makes both helpdesk support staff and customers more satisfied (and productive).

Benefit #5: Enables documentation and archiving

All communication can thus be tracked on the platform. This reduces the total volume of calls and emails. The history of the communication and the corresponding documentation is saved under the respective ticket.

If you have a similar or identical question in the future, you can read how it was solved later and avoid having to ask the same questions again. In addition, by looking at the records of your previous tickets and messages, you can get an idea of which issues need to be improved and optimized so that the end-user has an optimal experience.

Particularly frequent questions are compiled in an FAQ to enable easy self-help for customers.

Benefit #6: It's fast

It reduces the time spent on help requests and thus leads to time savings. In addition, the ticket can be created at any time and on any day, regardless of technical support schedules.

This way, everything remains in a constant rhythm to ensure a quick solution and thus a higher availability of customer support.



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