Replacement business with Autohaus König

Customer can book a workshop appointment directly on Autohaus König's website. If desired, the workshop replacement car can be booked at the same time. Autohaus König uses its own interface for booking the workshop replacement car and thus addresses the Rentoffice Cloud API.

The following API Rentoffice features were used for the online reservation of workshop replacement:

  • Availability check: Rentoffice checks, if any vehicle is available for the desired time period.
  • Customer data: Rentoffice checks if the customer already exists by comparing the e-mail address with the existing customer data. If the customer is already registered, the customer data will be compared and if necessary, updated. In case the customer is not registered yet, a new customer entry will be created with the correspondent reservation and data.
  • Booking: If a vehicle is available, the booking will be processed via API and entered in Rentoffice.
  • Payment via credit card and deposit: The Telecash interface will be triggered via API. When booking, the rental price for one day and a deposit will be charged via Telecash. Via Telecash DataStorage it is also possible to book the rental price later on, e.g. if the vehicle has been damaged or the rental period has been extended.
  • Automated e-mail dispatch: Rentoffice sends a reservation confirmation and the first invoice after booking.

Additionally, Autohaus König uses the RentOffice web solution for administration:

  • Vehicle management: The whole vehicle data can be maintained and updated here. Additionally, damages and vehicle conditions can be entered here.
  • Stations: Autohaus König works with different stations. Therefore, addresses and opening times can be entered and updated here. Each station has a different login and access only to the own data.
  • Contracts: Contracts can be edited. For example, a different driver or rental period can be entered and edited anytime. Also editing tariffs is possible as well as generating notices.
  • Vehicle handover and return: At the handover (check-out) and return (check-in), a simplified form is used to check km status, tank level and cleanliness. The customer always receives an e-mail with the corresponding protocol afterwards.
  • Billing: The billing is done automatically in RentOffice after the check-in. When the tariff is recalculated, it is checked whether, for example, more kilometers were incurred. If the contract amount has changed, the automatic billing is also posted via Telecash or a possible credit note is refunded.


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