KMS-Academy | Tipp der Woche #3: Online-Tarife rabattieren und aufschlagen

Online presence and visibility are a key factor in the digital era also for the mobility and car rental industry. With our online reservation service, customers can find your offer online and rent cars directly from your website.

With our tip of the week we want to explain, how to create special offers for online-tariffs as well as advertisement, and to add discounts and surcharges. With these features you can react to every market situation without necessarily change your standard prices. Under Parameter > Settings > Online reservation you have access to all these possibilities. 

 Discounts vs. special offers

What's the difference between discounts and special offers in Rentoffice? To sum up, special offers are used to advertise a special time period (if necessary with a discount). Discounts and surcharges are added on standard tariffs to react to special market situations. 

In addition, discounts can be combined with normal tariffs, while offers are only applied to closed periods. In other words, if a tariff is discounted Monday to Friday, a customer who books a vehicle from Wednesday to Sunday within the discounted tariff group can also benefit from the discount in part. Such tariff combinations are not possible with special offers. 

How can I add price discounts or surcharges?

Discounts and surcharges can be stored globally for each station or separated by tariff group.

Station discount

Under Parameter > Properties > Online reservation > Manage stations, you can surcharges or discount the prices of a station globally. For more information about this, see:


To discount or surcharge tariff groups separately, click on Discounts under Parameters > Properties > Online reservation. Here you can assign the desired discounts and surcharges to specific periods and tariff groups. Watch the video to find out how discounts can be stored: 

Tips for adding discounts and surcharges

Use the discount-setting to add discounts or surcharges on specific tariff groups and time periods. Please pay attention to the following:

You can find more information about discounts for online reservations here:



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