KMS Update | Rentoffice Cloud Release 2.8.

Our Rentoffice Cloud Release 2.8. contains a variety of new functions and interfaces, all around the topic of telematics and car sharing. Based on our many years of project experience in this area, we are now starting to incorporate these into our standard products and thus make them easily accessible to our customers. 

Module Telematics

The new Telematics module allows receiving vehicle data directly in Rentoffice. This makes possible for fleet managers to see the location of their vehicles at any time, as well as to retrieve status information such as fuel level or mileage and track their history. The module therefore contains a vehicle history of the telematics data for each vehicle, as well as relevant results for the topic (door closed/open and faulty processes).

At the moment Flinkey, Mercedes Connect and OTA are available as providers. Further providers are in preparation and can be integrated on customer request.


In addition to telematics, Rentoffice Cloud offers the possibility to integrate Veriff for customer verification directly within the customer data. The customer overview can be sorted according to the filter "manual driver's license check". Here you can see the customers whose verification could not be done automatically. Furthermore, you can compare the Veriff data with the data in the customer master in the Identification mask and confirm manually. If necessary, you can trigger a second verification via Veriff or upload page (beta) again.

To learn more about the new Rentoffice Cloud release check out video:

You will find more information on our help section.



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