KMS Summer | Team Day – July 2023

📣 Engage, Collaborate, Celebrate! 🎉

Join us in reliving our amazing summer KMS Fun-Filled Team Day, where laughter, learning, and fellowship took center stage!

  • Positive Mindset: To spread positivity, we embraced a „secret colleague for today.“ Discovering hidden gems in each other, we celebrated seven strengths and awesome qualities. Together, we create magic!
  • Trust Environment: We strolled through the park, engaging in refreshing „walk&talk“ sessions, forging deeper connections in smaller groups. Trust and understanding flourished!
  • Public Spirit: In enlightening sessions on „Diversity & Inclusion,“ we emphasized the significance of a diverse and inclusive community. Shared experiences showcased our unique strengths and celebrated our unity!
  • Improve Meetings: With a twist of humor, we explored „How to Sabotage a Meeting.“ Through integrative decision-making, we reshaped our meeting structures, fostering collaboration and problem-solving. Laughter ensued!
  •  Impact/Outcome Orientation: Channeling our inner artists, we depicted our vision for the team and its alignment with company goals. Our creativity knew no bounds, inspiring even Picasso!
  •  Grow as a Team: Reflecting on our journey, we unveiled the significant strengths we discovered in our secret colleagues. Appreciating these qualities within ourselves, we embodied the spirit of learning, challenging, and sharing knowledge.

To top it all off, we indulged in mouthwatering BBQ, outdoor games, and delightful caipirinhas—a perfect toast to a fantastic KMS Mobility Solutions -Team Day! 


Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! Let’s express our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers for their hard work and dedication in making this event unforgettable. Thank you for creating laughter, learning, and bonding that will last a lifetime!


How do you contribute to embracing diversity, cultivating collaboration, and fostering productivity in your team?



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