With Share Landrover in Spain

Since the 15th of June 2019 it's possible to ride the Jaguar Landrover model "Evoque" for free up to three hours through Spain. The process is similat to the one for Sweden Fleet Sylt.

Two new features have been included in this project.


Since the project will take place in Spain with of course and the majority of workers and customers will be Spanish-speaking, Rentoffice Web Backend as well as the correspondence have been newly multilingually designed.

  • Full translation of Rentoffice Web back-end in English and Spanish
  • Language selection for employees in Backend will be saved according to the user
  • Language of the customer will be saved in the customer master data
  • Possible translation of reports and e-mail text blocks
  • Reports and e-mails will be automatically saved with the customer's assigned language
  • Website translation for the driving license check and display in the customer's language

KMS's driving license validation

After signing up customers will get a link for the driving license check. Three pictures have to be uploaded to the website

Driving license front side

driving license back

selfie with driving license

The photos are transmitted in encrypted form and stored by the customer. A Choice employee carries out the validation and sets the status "checked" at the customer's site if the validation was successful.



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