Rentoffice cloud update version 2.6.

Our current release 2.6. for rentoffice cloud contains following enhancements and new features:

  • New features for editing price lists: Under Settings -> "Price lists and tariffs" you can now mark an existing price list and then duplicate it using the "New price list/duplicate" button. The entire tariff structure as well as the prices are copied. These can then be edited as usual in the price entry under selection of the corresponding price list.
  • Editing timetables: Under Settings -> Time tables, existing time tables can now be edited and new ones created. Time tables are stored in a price list or in a tariff itself (e.g. winter tyre accessories)
  • New window with template selection for a new position: If you want to add a new item in the contract at a later date, it is now possible to select a template (booking texts) and stored accessories in the "New item" window. In addition to the standard accessories, the accessories from the current price list are now also offered, if they are stored separately.
  • Consideration of customer discount for the price calculation: If a discount has been stored with the customer, it is now correctly taken into account in the price calculation. Please note that only discountable items are discounted. Items are usually not discountable by default - here you may have to check the box "Discountable" afterwards (under Edit item).
  • Internal notes: Internal notes are now also displayed in the vehicle list.

Other general improvements and bug fixes are also implemented in the new version.

For further information check our video or our version history.