Buddy: Carsharing by Birngruber

The Buddy Carsharing App has been developed by InsertEFFECT. It addresses Rentoffice Cloud services and enables the following activities:

  • Customer registration: Customers can sign up for the carsharing via app. For that it's necessary to provide some customer basic data and bank details. A new customer entry was created in rentoffice for this.
  • Driving license check: After successfully registering in the app, rentoffice starts the driving license check. This works via IdentyTM. If the check is successful, IdentyTM will return the corresponding feature and the Customer's license will be marked as validated in RentOffice. Now the customer can start booking.
  • Booking: The app shows the location of the carsharing fleet on the map with help of geo-coordinates from Rentoffice. The customer can select a specific location and choose a vehicle in the area for a specific time period. An expected rental price is now provided.
  • Überblick über Buchungen: Der Kunde kann alle sein vergangenen, aktuelle und zukünftige Buchungen einsehen.

Rentoffice Cloud is available as Backend for Birngrüber employees.

  • Vehicle management: The whole vehicle data can be maintained and updated here. Additionally, damages and vehicle conditions can be entered here.
  • Stations/locations: Addresses and opening times can be added.
  • Contracts: Every contract created via app or web service will be automatically transferred to rentoffice. Of course, it is also possible to intervene manually in the contract processing via the backend, e.g. if a special fee for late return is due.
  • Billing: Finished rentals are automatically checked in and billed. A tariff recalculation takes place so that the customer pays for the time he actually used the vehicle. Billed transactions are collected on collective invoices. At the end of the month, Birngruber triggers an invoice run that prints the collective invoices and automatically creates direct debits.

For further information about Buddy Carsharing check the official Buddy Website.